MOLIAM Smart Chic White Zircon Earring 18k Gold Platinum Plated Lady Small Huggie Hoops Earrings for
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MOLIAM Smart Chic White Zircon Earring Lady Small Huggie Hoops Earrings for Women Brinco Jewelry MLE150

Smart Chic White Zircon Earring 18k Gold Platinum Plated Lady Cute Huggie Hoops Earrings Wholesale Free Shipping E150c

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Cena: 81.00 Kč / piece
Cena po slevě: 68.00 Kč / piece

45 deys Money back 45 denní záruční doba vrácení peněz, pokud zboží neodpovídá popisu, nebo se zákazník domluví s prodejcem na kompenzaci.
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Sdílet :

Smart Chic White Zircon Earring 18k Gold Platinum Plated Lady Small Huggie Hoops Earrings for Women Jewelry Brinco Earing

Main feature:
Earring size:13mm*13mm
Gem Type:Zircon
Main Gem Size:7mm
Gem Quantity:22
Cut:Round Brilliant
Gem Color:White
Metal Type: 18k gold platinum plated
Come with a pretty box

18K White Gold Plated White Stone Hoop Earring

18K Gold Plated White Stone Hoop Earring

18K Gold Platinum Plated White Stone Hoop Earring

nausnice, naušnice, damske, dámské, šperky, sperky, sperk,

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4.7 z 5 (194 hodnocení)
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M***a V.

11.12.2015 wonderful seller, make an order from this seller is not the first time.
L***a M.

10.12.2015 No Feedback Score
Valentina S.

10.12.2015 Product not come.
Andrey S.

10.12.2015 everything looks fine cool, it went almost 2-a month.
C***e N.

10.12.2015 Fast shipping and good quality product for the price - Thanks No Feedback Score
S***a N.

10.12.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
I***a A.

10.12.2015 Very cute earrings!
N***a B.

25.11.2015 No Feedback Score
N***a S.

25.11.2015 They are small in size but simpotichnye !!
I***a G.

25.11.2015 All good thank you.
E***a K.

25.11.2015 No Feedback Score
M***d Y.

24.11.2015 No Feedback Score
J***a K.

24.11.2015 For a long time I am waiting for the order.
Olga K.

23.11.2015 Earrings are not quite the same as foto.vokrug large flat stone pebbles, and photos all kruglenko.zamok horoshiy.kamen sverkaet.zakaz to Kazan reached 16 fast delivery thanks.
H***a L.

23.11.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
Maxim M.

23.11.2015 Seller umnichka, all fast enough.
T***a T.

23.11.2015 No Feedback Score
O***a B.

22.11.2015 мелковаты No Feedback Score
M***s L.

22.11.2015 No Feedback Score
K***a M.

22.11.2015 A fraud!
M***a G.

22.11.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
N***a G.

19.11.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
N***a G.

19.11.2015 No Feedback Score
L***a K.

19.11.2015 ok No Feedback Score
J***a J.

19.11.2015 No Feedback Score
J***y M.

19.11.2015 I love this earring. I will certainly buy again. Fast shipping too. No Feedback Score
Daniela S.

19.11.2015 Luxury<3 No Feedback Score
G***e C.

19.11.2015 very small No Feedback Score
I***q H.

19.11.2015 No Feedback Score
T*** B.

19.11.2015 No Feedback Score
M***s S.

19.11.2015 No Feedback Score
L***a U.

19.11.2015 No Feedback Score
I***a L.

19.11.2015 Chic earrings!
V***a T.

19.11.2015 very beautiful earrings, parcel arrived three weeks, thanks No Feedback Score
M***a H.

19.11.2015 No Feedback Score
Z***a S.

19.11.2015 No Feedback Score
M***a K.

19.11.2015 No Feedback Score
Diana M.

19.11.2015 No Feedback Score
M***o K.

19.11.2015 No Feedback Score
S***r E.

19.11.2015 No Feedback Score
E***a T.

19.11.2015 as always on very fast delivery !!!! nice and very gentle sergi.odin of your favorite stores.
A***y L.

19.11.2015 Beautiful earrings in a gift box.
U***a L.

17.11.2015 very sorry, but the product did not come No Feedback Score
N***a M.

17.11.2015 Dovolna.prishli quickly.
S***y Z.

17.11.2015 Fast dostavka.sergi good No Feedback Score
W***a M.

17.11.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
Joana B.

16.11.2015 No Feedback Score
Oksana M.

16.11.2015 красивые No Feedback Score
Yuvraj P.

16.11.2015 Shipping took long but the item is as described and worth the money. No Feedback Score
T***a P.

15.11.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
S***a S.

15.11.2015 No Feedback Score
I***a A.

15.11.2015 No Feedback Score
A***a H.

15.11.2015 No Feedback Score
M***a A.

15.11.2015 No Feedback Score
K***a S.

15.11.2015 No Feedback Score
V***a K.

15.11.2015 super auskariukai! No Feedback Score
G***a B.

15.11.2015 No Feedback Score
H***e H.

15.11.2015 No Feedback Score
O***a S.

15.11.2015 This product came to Kiev for two weeks.
E***a Z.

15.11.2015 No Feedback Score
P***r S.

15.11.2015 No Feedback Score
V***y V.

15.11.2015 Good quality.
A***t S.

15.11.2015 Too good liked it a lot No Feedback Score
B***a A.

15.11.2015 beautiful but too small No Feedback Score
V***a S.

3.11.2015 Like gold No Feedback Score
K***a B.

2.11.2015 Earrings are not received, but communication and service satisfied.
A***a P.

2.11.2015 Thank you No Feedback Score
N***a M.

2.11.2015 No Feedback Score
L***a I.

2.11.2015 The order did not come, but the money was returned.
V***a R.

1.11.2015 excellent No Feedback Score
O***a A.

1.11.2015 very fast delivery, pretty earrings, thank you seller)) No Feedback Score
D***a G.

1.11.2015 Product quality, very pretty and well packaged.
N***a P.

1.11.2015 No Feedback Score
I***a V.

1.11.2015 Cute little 5+ No Feedback Score
A***r P.

1.11.2015 No Feedback Score
J***e V.

1.11.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
Z***a K.

1.11.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
R***l S.

1.11.2015 Good quality, fast delivery. No Feedback Score
R***s V.

1.11.2015 Great item. Many thanks, fast delivery
A***e K.

1.11.2015 No Feedback Score
I***a B.

1.11.2015 nice!!! No Feedback Score
M***a P.

1.11.2015 No Feedback Score
I***a L.

1.11.2015 понравились, спасибо No Feedback Score
E***a V.

1.11.2015 No Feedback Score
Danil V.

31.10.2015 product very much, I came to Kyrgyzstan for days 35-40 No Feedback Score
Irina T.

31.10.2015 Не пришли No Feedback Score
N***a G.

31.10.2015 goods received, but returned the money without the prod of wrangling, and 4 for that!
Lidiya M.

31.10.2015 Very beautiful.
K***a N.

31.10.2015 I still have not received the earrings (good thing the seller returned the money to the dispute. No Feedback Score
M***a O.

30.10.2015 super love this seller, excellent goods No Feedback Score
R***U N.

29.10.2015 I received the shipment. I am very happy and satisfied with the seller. No Feedback Score
D***o Q.

29.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
N***n A.

29.10.2015 This product has been on the road for almost 3 months, earrings in the photo, not worse brilliantikom sparkle, they are only small, the seller sent the goods in a gift box, very cute thank you No Feedback Score
N***a V.

29.10.2015 No Feedback Score
J***a P.

29.10.2015 No Feedback Score
O***a P.

29.10.2015 No Feedback Score
R***a M.

29.10.2015 сериги супер,выгледят очень красиво No Feedback Score
Dina N.

29.10.2015 without removing the burden, ordered more other colors, thank you seller, though they are smaller than they look, but they are very cool !!!
N***a B.

29.10.2015 No Feedback Score
S***y S.

29.10.2015 like earrings.
I***R K.

29.10.2015 All ok! No Feedback Score
A***r L.

29.10.2015 No Feedback Score
D***a T.

29.10.2015 Everything is great!
E***a G.

29.10.2015 Very beautiful earrings, order a 2nd time for a co-worker.
Loreta V.

29.10.2015 Excellent high quality earings.
I***a K.

29.10.2015 It is unrealistic beautiful !!! Plus, super fast delivery!
I***a D.

29.10.2015 Very fast shipping. 14 days to Latvia. Item is really beautiful, shiny, but very small. Smaller than looks on photo.
I***a M.

29.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
O***a V.

29.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
Aundrea D.

29.10.2015 Beautiful PERFECT
Wojciech W.

29.10.2015 good seller No Feedback Score
A***a S.

29.10.2015 quick delivery thank you
R***a D.

29.10.2015 No Feedback Score
N***a C.

28.10.2015 No Feedback Score
R***a V.

27.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
Aleksey A.

27.10.2015 ordered for mom liked her quality Normic No Feedback Score
V***a S.

27.10.2015 No Feedback Score
A***a N.

26.10.2015 good earrings, came quickly No Feedback Score
Rynat K.

26.10.2015 Earrings are excellent for its price.
N***a I.

26.10.2015 No Feedback Score
A***r D.

25.10.2015 No Feedback Score
Endzhe M.

25.10.2015 не пришло No Feedback Score
K***n S.

25.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
N***a P.

25.10.2015 No Feedback Score
T***a N.

25.10.2015 No Feedback Score
T***a K.

25.10.2015 Earrings are beautiful, but very small For the price, excellent.
N***a B.

25.10.2015 No Feedback Score
O***a O.

25.10.2015 Earrings are beautiful.
A***a S.

25.10.2015 Ear super !!!
S***a C.

25.10.2015 5+ No Feedback Score
K***n L.

25.10.2015 No Feedback Score
L***a N.

25.10.2015 No Feedback Score
E***a L.

25.10.2015 Earrings are excellent, small and neat!
Z***a T.

25.10.2015 No Feedback Score
V***a C.

25.10.2015 No Feedback Score
Andrey S.

25.10.2015 Great earrings !!
O***a S.

25.10.2015 Not prishli.No money back very quickly No Feedback Score
T***a M.

24.10.2015 Very beautiful.
F***a A.

23.10.2015 No Feedback Score
A***a Z.

22.10.2015 очень маленткие. No Feedback Score
S***a R.

22.10.2015 No Feedback Score
A***a A.

21.10.2015 No Feedback Score
Y***a M.

21.10.2015 Very beautiful .
Elizabeth T.

21.10.2015 Beautiful earrings, Thank you very much. The only thing keeping me from giving them a full 5 star is the size, they are small as they say in the other customer comments, but stunning & beautiful without a doubt. They might be perfect for teens or young girls, or for ladies that don't like anything too big and preferr small earrings. Thank you very much & Super Fast Shipping!!
B***y S.

21.10.2015 No Feedback Score
Masha O.

21.10.2015 For the money pretty nice earrings.
J***a K.

21.10.2015 very nice No Feedback Score
V***a R.

21.10.2015 No Feedback Score
A***R A.

21.10.2015 good seller, recommended No Feedback Score
O***a A.

21.10.2015 Маленькие No Feedback Score
L***a K.

20.10.2015 No Feedback Score
D***k R.

20.10.2015 super !!!
Ekaterina P.

20.10.2015 much prettier than the photo !!
F***a G.

20.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
I***a G.

20.10.2015 No Feedback Score
V***a L.

20.10.2015 No Feedback Score
T***a K.

16.10.2015 Beauty.
Mariia S.

16.10.2015 catkins appear larger but still very cool look) No Feedback Score
Anastasija S.

16.10.2015 спасибо No Feedback Score
Y***a V.

15.10.2015 Beautiful!
Natalya C.

15.10.2015 Very beautiful, delicate earrings!
V***y E.

15.10.2015 They are samller than in the picture, but they look just lovely
T***a T.

15.10.2015 neat earrings look like gold!
A***a S.

15.10.2015 Very beautiful earrings, sorry do not fit your ears are sick ..... No Feedback Score
Natalia K.

15.10.2015 Very beautiful.
V***r T.

15.10.2015 Все ОК No Feedback Score
O***a I.

15.10.2015 all as pictured in the boxes came No Feedback Score
L***e K.

15.10.2015 Thanks for fast shipping. They're very beautiful. No Feedback Score
L***a B.

15.10.2015 very beautiful, came fast, all great! wear and enjoy!
O***a G.

15.10.2015 very, very beautiful ))) thanks No Feedback Score
Olga G.

15.10.2015 Small but beautiful.
E***d K.

15.10.2015 Very nice, but a little more than we would like on) No Feedback Score
Elena K.

15.10.2015 They are very small.
K***a K.

15.10.2015 great earrings came in three weeks.
I***a K.

13.10.2015 I did not come to order No Feedback Score
M***n N.

12.10.2015 Very quick delivery, beautiful item No Feedback Score
O***a R.

12.10.2015 Thank you.
P***a K.

12.10.2015 Not received
S***a G.

12.10.2015 quickly came to look expensive +5 No Feedback Score
I***r G.

12.10.2015 neither of which has not received No Feedback Score
O***a K.

12.10.2015 Earrings are nice, but after a couple of times clasps hlyupenkaya becomes altogether unbutton!
A***i L.

12.10.2015 There was some deformation No Feedback Score
J***e B.

11.10.2015 Lovely to wear everyday.
E***a M.

11.10.2015 Thanks, goods corresponding to the goods on foto.smotryatsya very nice Thanks, commodity product corresponds to a very beautiful foto.smotryatsya No Feedback Score
Elena P.

11.10.2015 Earrings match photos and opisaniyu.Spasibo !!!
M***d I.

11.10.2015 excellent
S***a S.

11.10.2015 Cool earrings 5+ No Feedback Score
M***a M.

11.10.2015 vse super
T***a Y.

11.10.2015 Earrings are beautiful, but very malenkie.Kameshki Shoroshim shine, good product quality.
S***a S.

11.10.2015 Super! Thanks a lot!!! No Feedback Score
Olesya S.

11.10.2015 As usual, everything is fine.
L***i K.

11.10.2015 Earrings come in a nice box!
O***a M.

11.10.2015 Stunning earrings No Feedback Score
Vitaliy S.

11.10.2015 Доволен.Удачи! No Feedback Score
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