High Quality Kitchen Ceramic Knife set 3 4 5 6 inch Zirconia Black Blade Paring Fruit
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Kitchen Knives Cook Set Ceramic Knives Cook Set 3 4 5 6 inch Zirconia Ceramic Black

Ceramic Knife Set 3″ 4″ 5″ 6″ inch Paring Fruit Ceramic Knives with Peeler and Covers Kitchen Knives with Peeler high quality

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Cena: 569.00 Kč / piece
Cena po slevě: 285.00 Kč / piece

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Sdílet :

1. 3′ 4′ 5′ 6′ Vista white Ceramic Knife set +Peeler Now Only For $14.83.

2.3′ 4′ 5′ 6′ Vista white Ceramic Knife set +Peeler+ holder Now Only For $19.39.

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High Quality Ceramic Kitchen Knife set only for $14.83

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About us:

1. We are professional Ceramic knife manufature factory. We produce and sell ceramics knife set according to the needs of the customers. We are looking forward to long-term cooperative relations, and we look forward to a win-win situation.
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Item Description :

This ceramic knife includes 3″ 4″ 5″ 6″ inch knife+Covers. They are made of ABS material and ceramic.


  1. Made from zirconium oxide which are anti-bacteria, anti-fouling, non-toxic and non-corrosive
  2. safe, healthy and environmental friendly. Guaranteeing the family food safty, provide a health and fashionable kitchen.
  3. The best cutting tools for vegetable,fruit, fish, meat or any high demanding food.
  4. Extremely hard, sharp but safe. have the quality of high-density, not easy to be blunt.
  5. No reaction with any food, maintain the original color and taste of the food, keep the food’s freshness and nutrition.
  6. No stimulation to your eyes when cutting excitant food like onions.
  7. .can be used to make food for baby

Kindly reminder:

  1. No pry, flexing, violent chopping or boning.
  2. avoid cutting frozen food or on the surface of marbles, glass and steel board.
  3. Wash the knife after each single use, preferably by hand with a mild detergent and do not wash it in the dishwasher.
  4. For safety’s concern, the tip and the heel of the blade have been blunted.


  1. Keep it away from children
  2. No heat or shock
  3. Don’t cut hard food
  4. Do not use your hand to test the hardness of the blade


  1. Blade material: Ceramic
  2. Handle material: ABS
  3. Color: multi-color handle + White blade
  4. Blade length: 3in/8cm, 4in/11cm, 5in/13cm, 6in/15

Package includes:
1 * 6″ Chef knife
1 * 5″ Slicing knife
1 * 4″ Fruit slicer
1 * 3″ Fruit parer

1 * peeler

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J***i C.

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S***r W.

3.12.2015 looks very good, qualities is good as well.
Y***y K.

3.12.2015 3 weeks and knives in Belarus, no complaints.
J***s G.

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V***i K.

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25.11.2015 Excellent!
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A***h F.

25.11.2015 Thanks. But mixed color for knife blade :)))) you cannot make my order right this is the 3rd order and always mistake. Yes I know you sent me gift but make your employees work good please.
J***l L.

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P***a R.

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Y***a C.

25.11.2015 Excellent knife, good quality, arrived very quickly (2 weeks)
D***e P.

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A***r A.

25.11.2015 order came very quickly, packaged well)
Jeniya K.

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Jean R.

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E***a G.

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V***r M.

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J***n M.

19.11.2015 Everything OK.
Helison C.

19.11.2015 Excelent blades, lacked a support for "show" the knives !!
M***l L.

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T***e L.

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M***n R.

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S***y V.

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A***r K.

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I***r N.

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V***r G.

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16.11.2015 There was a problem in my local post office where my parcel was blocked. Yuan send me a mail to aware me of a delivery problem of wich I wasn't aware. Thanks to his proactivity I was able to pick up my order within time. The knives themselve are really sharp. Sharper than the ones I bought before in ikea.
V***v D.

9.11.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
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P***r T.

31.10.2015 [Error]
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30.10.2015 good quality except the peeler seems too fragile i think
Lilit G.

30.10.2015 Thanks a lot!Very GOOD!
M***n K.

30.10.2015 OK !
N***S S.

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S***y T.

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Ivan B.

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S***o R.

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K***l M.

29.10.2015 Excellent
Edi C.

29.10.2015 the knives are very good but the shipping was slow
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29.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
M***s C.

29.10.2015 These are actually quite good knives, they're sharp and they cut well. I'm not sure how long they'll last but for now they do a good job. Don't forget that while they do cut well they're brittle and can crack, break.
O***a Z.

28.10.2015 This product complies with the description.
J***n G.

28.10.2015 No Feedback Score
N***a O.

28.10.2015 Excellent
E***a S.

28.10.2015 perfect look, good quality, shipping for about a month to South Europe
J***t B.

28.10.2015 Fantastic set. very very sharp
A***o C.

28.10.2015 everything ok, good product, delivered on time
J***a P.

28.10.2015 I like :))
R***o B.

28.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
S***a D.

28.10.2015 Knives are very sharp.
D***l V.

28.10.2015 Good seller. Knifes are sharp.
A***s N.

27.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
D*** K.

27.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
J***i S.

27.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení

26.10.2015 Great product... Satisfied
N***a O.

26.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
J***n N.

26.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
C***s P.

26.10.2015 Good buy!
Elaine R.

26.10.2015 absolutely beautiful knife set, cuts perfectly will definitely be buying from the seller again
D***d A.

26.10.2015 Beautiful set of knives nicely packaged.
V***a M.

26.10.2015 Thank you!
G***o G.

26.10.2015 excellent product
I***r M.

26.10.2015 Ordered Sets of black.
V***r F.

26.10.2015 Everything is great!
I***n P.

26.10.2015 Very long knives were almost expired delivery.
T***s T.

26.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
L***y C.

26.10.2015 Good product
C***i N.

26.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
J***n L.

26.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
C***o M.

25.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
Aliaksei R.

25.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
K***n G.

25.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
F***s L.

25.10.2015 Excellent quality, really sharp knife.
Markichev I.

25.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
M***o C.

25.10.2015 Excellent good quality knives, now see that hard edge ...
D***e N.

25.10.2015 Very good product quality, I recommend
R***l A.

25.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
Romain R.

25.10.2015 Not received because of a local post problem and the seller refund me 1 day after i asked him to. No Feedback Score
G***l L.

25.10.2015 Goods come later than necessary, even managed to get a refund for the time until the goods have been on the road ... Knives excellent.
Y***e K.

25.10.2015 excellent
M***a B.

25.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
D***r J.

25.10.2015 No Feedback Score
E***o D.

24.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
S***o B.

24.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
T***r T.

24.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
B***r Z.

24.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
P***l S.

17.10.2015 Quality good buy satisfied
L***S M.

16.10.2015 Hi my friend!! The knifes are excellentssss!! meravigliossiiiiss!!! molto buone!! so goood!! Thank you very much!! 5 starts!! (Please reply my feedback!! ;-) )
D***i M.

16.10.2015 awesome thanks
I***a I.

16.10.2015 The order came to Chisinau in the past month, quickly.It sounds similar to the metal!
O***a L.

16.10.2015 knives gorgeous !!!!.It sounds similar to the metal!
Konstantin P.

16.10.2015 High quality black-ceramic knives. Very sharp and good looking. Good rubbered handle. Good price and fast shipment.It sounds similar to the metal!
D***a M.

16.10.2015 Works well. I am happy.It sounds similar to the metal!
L***a H.

16.10.2015 perfect and very fast shippingIt sounds similar to the metal!
Przemyslaw K.

16.10.2015 Photos in the offer were confusing - knives came without a stand. I dont have other complaints - the are pretty sharpIt sounds similar to the metal!
Margarita A.

15.10.2015 Very good knives! Lightweight with a comfortable and pleasant to the touch pen.It sounds similar to the metal!
V***a I.

15.10.2015 Knives sharpIt sounds similar to the metal!
Sergey P.

15.10.2015 Very good knives, fast delivery.It sounds similar to the metal!
K***y R.

15.10.2015 ok!
J***n N.

15.10.2015 Good seller, nice product.
M***m O.

15.10.2015 commodity super, but very long delivery.
Anastasiya P.

15.10.2015 Super !!!! !!!!! orders came quickly happy !!!!!!
P***o G.

15.10.2015 [Error]
Z***n A.

15.10.2015 on of the item was broken
Robert P.

15.10.2015 Great seller 10 STARS
M***t D.

15.10.2015 You poor, poor you I
A***r B.

15.10.2015 The knives were NOT ceremic - they were steel. Also they broke while cutting watermelons - very bad quality - do not buy
D***t A.

15.10.2015 Top
L***s G.

15.10.2015 The product is like the pictures, the knives are good, but I think that break easily, I think they need to be treated with care. Good seller.
D***s C.

15.10.2015 Normal knives.It sounds similar to the metal!
Maor S.

14.10.2015 didnt got the knife
Jose F.

14.10.2015 Good
T***y O.

14.10.2015 Shipping took long time however product is excellent and very sharp
S***i A.

14.10.2015 Very good grip knives, razor blades.
Y***a V.

14.10.2015 excellent sharp knives, beware.
T***e C.

14.10.2015 Excellent
Angel M.

14.10.2015 excellent for this price
V***r K.

14.10.2015 Very cool, high quality, thank you.
M***s M.

14.10.2015 Sharp as hell!
A***A P.

14.10.2015 Very good quality ... Perfect
A***r D.

14.10.2015 Chic knives!
D***s L.

13.10.2015 good
T***a P.

13.10.2015 sharp, comfortable handles, the blade is not fat, I recommend
H***n A.

13.10.2015 poor
A***m I.

13.10.2015 Good ceramic knives
D***e D.

12.10.2015 Excellent quality / price ratio, the product seems to be of good quality, the ceramic blade is very sharp and, for now tested only on fruit."Shockproof".
N***j N.

12.10.2015 [Error]
A***a D.

12.10.2015 not received your parcel.
I***n D.

12.10.2015 Perfect knife.
Konstantin D.

12.10.2015 Overall, not bad.
B***A J.

12.10.2015 Excellent
A***s M.

12.10.2015 Excellent!
S***y A.

12.10.2015 Delivery has been a month, knives are very good.

12.10.2015 exelent. 17 days to Bulgaria
Aleksey N.

11.10.2015 Sending came quickly Kazakhstan, Aktobe 32 days.
S***s V.

11.10.2015 Very good knifes. Order came within a month. Nicely packed. Recommend for purchase.
E***k H.

11.10.2015 Exactly as the desciption says! Really good knifes.
Tal H.

11.10.2015 Over 60 days but arrived. Looking very good but havnt tried yet
M***l K.

11.10.2015 Perfect thx
M***d J.

11.10.2015 This product has not received yet
F***l R.

11.10.2015 good knife, easy to handle & nice to hold.
Elad H.

11.10.2015 good set but slow shipping
J***n H.

11.10.2015 Never got the product
O***l Y.

11.10.2015 Haven't arrived
A***n T.

11.10.2015 Knives are good, quality level, ordered with black handles come with yellow.
S***n S.

11.10.2015 Perfect
I***a N.

11.10.2015 Knives quality, very happy ... would recommend, I will still book a daughter ...
K***t T.

11.10.2015 itrem as described, but the peeler not that sharp.
T***o T.

11.10.2015 Perfect, everything as described
B***d E.

11.10.2015 Perfect quality
L***e H.

11.10.2015 Product came in good condition, well protected by the packaging. The blades look like stainless but they are definitely ceramic, just not white. They are light and sharp. Communication with the seller is good. I wanted to change the colors and they obliged.
S***n C.

11.10.2015 Very quick shipment and delivery!! Responsible seller and quick answer for client`s request. I receive well and it`s all good. Excellent seller. I hope that deal with this seller again. Thank you very much from Sydney buyer.
N***a C.

11.10.2015 Knives are good.
E***a G.

11.10.2015 The knives are amazing! Excelent, excelent, excelent quality. I recommend this 100%. I´m going to buy more, I really love it. Thank you Vista for your high quality.
G***e S.

10.10.2015 very sharp good feel
G***z M.

10.10.2015 very good
M***a D.

10.10.2015 I like them very much.
V***o S.

10.10.2015 The product is awesome!!
Abdullah F.

10.10.2015 Did not received at all No Feedback Score
Lilyana K.

10.10.2015 Exellent
A***m S.

10.10.2015 Very good, sharp and light.
E***y G.

10.10.2015 Knives are good.
Ahmed A.

10.10.2015 It took 2 months to arrive
Alessandro M.

10.10.2015 Nice product
T***y M.

10.10.2015 the product not arrivad fast and not as description
M***k E.

10.10.2015 Very good
D***a M.

10.10.2015 They have quite slow but are super good.
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DHL 3 - 7 dní
UPS Expedited 3 - 7 dní
EMS 5 - 14 dní
Post Air Mail Poštovné zdarma 15 - 45 dní
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