Blue Kiss E480 The Fashion 2016 Chic Shimmer Plated Gold Bow Cubic Crystal Earrings Rhinestone Stud
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Terreau Kathy Fashion 2016 Chic Shimmer Plated Gold Bow Cubic Crystal Earrings Rhinestone Stud Earrings For

Blue Kiss E480 The Fashion 2014 Chic Shimmer Gold Bow Cubic Crystal Earrings Gold-Tone GP Rhinestone Stud Earrings For Women

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Dear buyers,our store’s minimun order is $5(you can mix different items in our store and pls make it in one order ).
If your order less than $5,The track number can just check when it in china .and if it go aboard ,can not track it again.Thanks for your understanding
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P***o S.

10.12.2015 No Feedback Score
V***a P.

10.12.2015 No Feedback Score
P***a F.

9.12.2015 No Feedback Score
A***a D.

9.12.2015 legal No Feedback Score
Y***a S.

9.12.2015 No Feedback Score
Agnieszka P.

24.11.2015 No Feedback Score
A***a B.

23.11.2015 No Feedback Score
A***a S.

22.11.2015 No Feedback Score
V***a V.

22.11.2015 lindo amei!!! No Feedback Score
Harriet A.

22.11.2015 small but ok No Feedback Score
V***y P.

20.11.2015 campaign will not see me the parcel as their ears!

20.11.2015 goods came No Feedback Score
D***a S.

20.11.2015 it was broken and i couldn't us it No Feedback Score
I***a C.

20.11.2015 No Feedback Score
V***r F.

20.11.2015 all as in the description, it may be taken until the dough.
S***a W.

20.11.2015 It is not properly polished and has stubs that is sticking out from the bow that was not sanded off or something. It was really cheap though so I guess for the money, it is what to expect. Overall, when wearing it, the defect is not too noticeable so it's alright. No Feedback Score
T***a D.

20.11.2015 Very cute stud earrings !!!
R***a I.

20.11.2015 order came quickly - 17 days before the Rostov region.
I***a B.

20.11.2015 krasivo.rekomenduyu. !!!
D***a S.

20.11.2015 No Feedback Score
Z***e B.

20.11.2015 No Feedback Score
M***o D.

20.11.2015 No Feedback Score
V***a L.

20.11.2015 Very cute earrings!
S***h B.

20.11.2015 Very pretty but came broken.
J***j V.

20.11.2015 No Feedback Score
I***a V.

20.11.2015 No Feedback Score
W***m S.

20.11.2015 No Feedback Score
K***e R.

18.11.2015 I have not received the earrings No Feedback Score
A***a R.

18.11.2015 No Feedback Score
C***a E.

17.11.2015 Серёжки отличные No Feedback Score
P***e S.

17.11.2015 Très jolies No Feedback Score
A***l S.

16.11.2015 the order did not come (No Feedback Score
R***i C.

15.11.2015 No Feedback Score
C***e N.

15.11.2015 merci No Feedback Score
W***a S.

15.11.2015 Earrings come broken, opened a controversy money back.
D***e S.

14.11.2015 Cute and beautiful earrings. Good price. No Feedback Score
C***e S.

14.11.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
G***a P.

14.11.2015 In Lipetsk region posted 22.10 and 14.11 come.
R***O M.

14.11.2015 No Feedback Score
S***a K.

14.11.2015 come quickly;
O***a P.

14.11.2015 very cool, I'll tell you No Feedback Score
I***a S.

14.11.2015 No Feedback Score
J***a K.

14.11.2015 No Feedback Score
A***a G.

14.11.2015 Earings look even better than in the picture. very cute and elegant. No Feedback Score
V***e F.

14.11.2015 Beautiful! No Feedback Score
M***a T.

3.11.2015 Puny keeps zastёshka one has lost an earring!
L***e B.

3.11.2015 No Feedback Score
M***a S.

3.11.2015 No Feedback Score
Yana B.

3.11.2015 No Feedback Score
M***n M.

3.11.2015 ok No Feedback Score
Yuvraj P.

3.11.2015 No Feedback Score
Genevieve A.

3.11.2015 smaller than I expected but perfect No Feedback Score
P***a P.

3.11.2015 No Feedback Score
D***a J.

3.11.2015 No Feedback Score
K***e M.

3.11.2015 No Feedback Score
A***a S.

3.11.2015 Не пришли No Feedback Score
Y***i Z.

3.11.2015 Got girlfriend liked.
D***a C.

3.11.2015 No Feedback Score
M***e S.

2.11.2015 is the t is the q I let my 6 year old daughter are guys do not look anything like the photo No Feedback Score
S***a G.

2.11.2015 No Feedback Score
A***a B.

2.11.2015 No Feedback Score
A***n B.

2.11.2015 everything seems good, goods correspondence only complete nebylo fasteners themselves carnations were curves (No Feedback Score
A***u H.

2.11.2015 No Feedback Score
I***a T.

1.11.2015 happy, very comfortable) No Feedback Score
V***a S.

1.11.2015 No Feedback Score
V***a Z.

31.10.2015 No Feedback Score
Lorrayne C.

30.10.2015 Cute, but too small.
M***a E.

30.10.2015 I have not received my order No Feedback Score
A***a B.

30.10.2015 No Feedback Score
Yury T.

29.10.2015 Very responsible seller.
L***a A.

29.10.2015 No Feedback Score
A***r T.

29.10.2015 No Feedback Score
B***i K.

29.10.2015 No Feedback Score
Nastya S.

29.10.2015 No Feedback Score
B***a D.

29.10.2015 No Feedback Score
Y***i S.

29.10.2015 No Feedback Score
A***a P.

29.10.2015 It came with a small defect but it is beautiful in Feedback Score
V***a L.

29.10.2015 No Feedback Score
I***a A.

29.10.2015 No Feedback Score
J***a K.

29.10.2015 No Feedback Score
M***m G.

29.10.2015 No Feedback Score
M***a K.

29.10.2015 No Feedback Score
Tassila O.

28.10.2015 bonitinho No Feedback Score
Alexey V.

28.10.2015 good costume jewelry cheap No Feedback Score
S***a K.

28.10.2015 красивые супер)) No Feedback Score
H***a C.

27.10.2015 No Feedback Score
N***d S.

27.10.2015 No Feedback Score
K***a G.

27.10.2015 Cute ! No Feedback Score
Alena I.

27.10.2015 Spruce cute earrings.
I***i A.

27.10.2015 It was very Fast and the Goods is oK No Feedback Score
N***a C.

27.10.2015 No Feedback Score
L***d K.

27.10.2015 beautiful ones. there is a problem with one earing but i think and hope that has not anything to do with the seller, it may be a problem of the post service. No Feedback Score
O***a K.

27.10.2015 No Feedback Score
M***a G.

27.10.2015 No Feedback Score
N***a R.

27.10.2015 No Feedback Score
V***a K.

27.10.2015 Lovely sergi.Na photos look nice and neat, but unfortunately opened the package, found that a stone had flown away ... No Feedback Score
K***a L.

26.10.2015 No Feedback Score
K***a G.

25.10.2015 No Feedback Score
A***l R.

25.10.2015 very cute!!
Evgeny F.

25.10.2015 No Feedback Score
G***m C.

25.10.2015 No Feedback Score
I***e K.

24.10.2015 No Feedback Score
B***n P.

24.10.2015 No Feedback Score
Sergei K.

23.10.2015 The order did not come No Feedback Score
N***a A.

22.10.2015 No Feedback Score
E***l K.

21.10.2015 No Feedback Score
E***a M.

21.10.2015 This product does not come, the money was returned.
V***a L.

21.10.2015 No Feedback Score
O***a L.

20.10.2015 No Feedback Score
S***a D.

20.10.2015 Earrings liked No Feedback Score
N***a K.

19.10.2015 No Feedback Score
K***a U.

19.10.2015 No Feedback Score
A***a R.

19.10.2015 No Feedback Score
N***a Z.

19.10.2015 goods came No Feedback Score
G***i A.

19.10.2015 No Feedback Score
I***a A.

18.10.2015 No Feedback Score
L***a C.

18.10.2015 No Feedback Score
Y***a Z.

18.10.2015 No Feedback Score
M***a N.

18.10.2015 I did not come, and the seller did not return the money No Feedback Score
M***e K.

18.10.2015 No Feedback Score
I***a E.

18.10.2015 No Feedback Score
A***r I.

17.10.2015 Goods sent on September 30 October 14 has already received!)) (Moscow) Product quality, earrings are very beautiful and neat.
A***a M.

17.10.2015 No Feedback Score
M***e V.

17.10.2015 No Feedback Score
S***a J.

17.10.2015 No Feedback Score
A***a S.

15.10.2015 Не пришли No Feedback Score
G***o Z.

15.10.2015 He not received but the seller had a remarkable behavior offering me a solution.
Olga S.

15.10.2015 Earrings are excellent, pretty, though expected, the quality is super !!
L***a A.

15.10.2015 We ordered 2 different color, and come the same.
E***e S.

14.10.2015 Good product faithful to the photo, the only little problem is size.
L***a Z.

14.10.2015 all is well No Feedback Score
A***h A.

14.10.2015 super! Fast delivery! Thanks! No Feedback Score
Alexey K.

14.10.2015 Huge spasibo.Doshlo bystro..Sergi sooo gorgeous, even better than kartinke..Kamen not plastic .. No Feedback Score
S***i O.

14.10.2015 good! No Feedback Score
O***a T.

14.10.2015 very pretty, for girls idialno.Spasibo.
K***a S.

14.10.2015 nice!! and fast shipping No Feedback Score
Gianna G.

14.10.2015 Fast delivery. No Feedback Score
N***o S.

14.10.2015 Received wrong color. I asked to re-send,but no response. No Feedback Score
M***a K.

14.10.2015 Before sending the Perm Territory has reached 3 weeks.
Indrani G.

14.10.2015 cute as a button ... love it :) No Feedback Score
Olga Y.

14.10.2015 very beautiful earrings !!!
Aleksandr K.

14.10.2015 Дякую! Рекомендую! No Feedback Score
E***e T.

14.10.2015 çok güzeller... No Feedback Score
I***k A.

14.10.2015 Отлично No Feedback Score
H***i C.

14.10.2015 Good.
Ilona R.

14.10.2015 Very beautiful earrings, bow black, blue stone, the light shimmering from blue to dark blue.
Natalia S.

14.10.2015 Earrings come in 30 days, but the stud is very crooked, the stones fastened at random, and at different distances, I am very disappointed with No Feedback Score
Katrin M.

14.10.2015 just class!
M***a M.

14.10.2015 the order was for a long time No Feedback Score
Dacha X.

12.10.2015 order came No Feedback Score
C***l B.

11.10.2015 Very nice!! No Feedback Score
E***a M.

10.10.2015 and has not received No Feedback Score
A***A F.

8.10.2015 нет товара No Feedback Score
T***a C.

7.10.2015 i don.t received this order. No Feedback Score
D***l O.

7.10.2015 the order did not come No Feedback Score
M***s A.

7.10.2015 Very good! No Feedback Score
S***e H.

7.10.2015 We came not those who bought, for the money as normal, come for 2 weeks No Feedback Score
M***a G.

7.10.2015 I do not like.
L***a K.

7.10.2015 Beautiful earrings. The corresponding description. No Feedback Score
K***a P.

7.10.2015 beautiful, all at a photo No Feedback Score
Marina K.

7.10.2015 ТОВАР НЕ ПРИШОЛ!!!!! No Feedback Score
S***i S.

6.10.2015 i ordered blue but green came. but N e waYs its gUd No Feedback Score
P***a Y.

6.10.2015 the order did not come the money was never returned No Feedback Score
K***a B.

5.10.2015 The photo looks neat.
Mariam S.

5.10.2015 понравились No Feedback Score
M***a S.

5.10.2015 We came in a month.
R***i C.

5.10.2015 beautiful No Feedback Score
Anna T.

5.10.2015 In Crimea shipping just over a month, I enjoyed it.
G***a S.

5.10.2015 love them thank u No Feedback Score
C***a S.

5.10.2015 как на фото No Feedback Score
L***i S.

5.10.2015 In good product Feedback Score
Evgeniy D.

5.10.2015 goods received ..: ((and money ... No Feedback Score
K***a B.

5.10.2015 This product does not come!
Y***a A.

5.10.2015 This product has not reached No Feedback Score
A***a S.

5.10.2015 Earrings as in the photo.
M***l T.

4.10.2015 the order is not received No Feedback Score
Polina J.

3.10.2015 Serezhechki Cute, but too small for me No Feedback Score
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EMS 5 - 14 dní
Post Air Mail Poštovné zdarma 15 - 45 dní
Záruka vrácení Pokud objednané zboží neodpovídá popisu, nebo kvalita zboží je mizerná, prodejce zaručuje vrácení peněz, při potvrzení doručení zboží. Zpáteční poštovné platí kupující, nebo se lze domluvit s prodejcem na vrácení peněz.

V případě, že prodejce umožňuje delší ochranu tzn. "Longer Protection" na tento produkt, můžete požádat vrácení peněz o 15 dní později.
Záruky prodejce Pokud neobdržíte objednané zboží do 60 dní, máte nárok na vrácení peněz.

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