10pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brushes Set Foundation Golden Sliver hand to make up Brush Eyeshadow Makeup
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10pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brushes Set Foundation Golden Sliver hand to make up Brush Eyeshadow Makeup

10pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brushes Set Foundation Sliver Black Blue Pink White Brush Eyeshadow Makeup Tools Wholesale

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Cena: 125.40 Kč / piece
Cena po slevě: 100.27 Kč / piece

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10pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brushes Set Foundation Golden Sliver hand to make up Brush Eyeshadow Makeup Tools Wholesale

1) Total 10 brushes for facial makeup:
Tapered Kabuki, Round Kabuki, Angled Kabuki,Flat Kabuki,Flat Angled Kabuki
Precision Tapered, Precision Round,Precision Flat,Precision Flat Angled, Precision Angled
* Adopts natural pure goat hair which provides superb ability to hold powder, soft and pleasing for your ski
* An essential for not only professionals but also DIY users
* A professional quality brush set which includes all the basics you need for daily applications
* 100% brand new and high quality

Material: Goat hair, synthetic fiber, metal, alloy
Color: Black&Gold, Black&Silver, Blue&Silver, Blue&Gold, White&Gold, White&silver, Pink&Silver, Pink&Gold
size(Approx) : Short Brushes 15.5cm
Long Brushes 18.5cm
The size may have a deviation of ±1cm

Product Includes:
1 * Makeup Brush Set (10 pcs)

1.Clean the brushes before the first usage!
2.If you want to choose brushes of a different color, please click “buy now†to order corresponding color on the pictures above.
3.When you first open the brush package after receiving it, the smell of wool may be a little strong after a long distance of transportation. It is very normal, just air it for some time, it will be ok.
4.when you get the brand new cosmetic brush, there may be a little folds in some of the brush hair on the side near the bag, this is because it is closely packed to the makeup bag,it is very normal.Try to imagine that when you go on a travel, the congestion of the cosmetic bag may also cause the folds of the brush hair. Resolution:soak the brush with warm water and add a little shampoo for 30 minutes. After once or twice wash as the method above, the hair will be straight.
5.when air it, please do not use a drier or expose it to the outside sunshine, otherwise it may damage the brush;after washing it, we can also paint some hair conditioner and wash it will running water which will make the brush softer.

Style One: Black Sliver

Style Two: Pink Sliver

Style Three:White Sliver

Style Four:Black Golden

Style Five:Pink Golden

Style Six:White Golden

Style Seven:Black

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23.11.2015 love them
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23.11.2015 Amazing brushes, good quality, verry soft and nice in touch.
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J***s H.

19.11.2015 all its ok, excelent quality, good price, thank you so much
S***a L.

19.11.2015 Brushes are beautiful and wrapped one by one, the bristles are soft and compact, although there are two brushes still generally have the same or very similar forms.
E***i D.

18.11.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
S***t K.

18.11.2015 [Error]
E***h C.

18.11.2015 Great brushes. Bristles are very soft but brushes are thick and compact. The various shapes of the heads make them ideal for different functions such as applying foundation or blending eye shadow. The product was well packaged and arrived in perfect condition.
J***a M.

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Y***a S.

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10.11.2015 super
M***a B.

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R***l R.

10.11.2015 Excellent
N***a U.

10.11.2015 i was really scared that they are going to be bad and bad quality,but THEY ARE SO GREAT! for the price,they are excelent and i recomend them! they are fluffy,soft and really really good quality. took like 4 weeks to arrive
A***i E.

9.11.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
R***l P.

8.11.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
P***a S.

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Yana P.

6.11.2015 The order did not come !! Return the money !!!
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2.11.2015 So I have not received my parcel.
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1.11.2015 slow shipping but good products
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1.11.2015 Perfect seller!
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W***y M.

30.10.2015 I recommend it 100% perfect
N***y D.

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D***a S.

27.10.2015 Otimo product.
T***z O.

26.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
M***a N.

26.10.2015 good brush, stank, but weathered smell.
D***a H.

25.10.2015 Good conditions Excellent quality
S***a W.

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E***s J.

23.10.2015 i asked for white but got pink
Leanne B.

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S***n K.

23.10.2015 amazing. thanks
I***a R.

23.10.2015 [Error]
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23.10.2015 ok :)
Sandra C.

23.10.2015 Great products. Happy customer.
A***a K.

23.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
Anastasia.samsung.2015 A.

21.10.2015 Brushes are not natural, tushuyut bad, I did not like, but the seller is nice, so 4
Z***a K.

21.10.2015 Everything is fine
M***a P.

18.10.2015 The hairs are nice but a bit out
Helena S.

18.10.2015 I order the white one but recive a black and gold!
I***a L.

18.10.2015 very good
B***o C.

18.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
A***a G.

18.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
M***z L.

18.10.2015 Brushes are not as soft as that which I received last time, but my gf is satisfied.
M***a P.

S***a L.

15.10.2015 Product conforms to the description, the hair of the brush does not fall out. The quality brushes for the price ok, but no revelations.
S***a C.

15.10.2015 the bristles come slightly damaged
C***e C.

15.10.2015 took 2 months to receive when i had placed orders off this website days after and received them before the brushes very disapointing deffinetly wont be ordering from this seller again!
B***Y S.

14.10.2015 Perfect beautiful rosy boonbon jaime too !!
S***e M.

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R***a N.

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M***l G.

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P***a K.

12.10.2015 so great!
N***e D.

12.10.2015 Took forever to come. No Feedback Score
N***a T.

12.10.2015 Short brush liked, but from a long nap climbs, soft, they sweep the dust
M***a K.

11.10.2015 Uživatel nevyplnil hodnocení
Rachel C.

20.9.2015 Brushes consistent and very soft bristles small negative they really felt a chemical otherwise in good communication with the seller
A***i P.

18.9.2015 All perfectly!
T***z R.

13.9.2015 All OK .
Svetlana S.

13.9.2015 Excellent brushes!
N***y B.

13.9.2015 Brushes are good, not sypyatsya.
V***a N.

13.9.2015 Really nice product. Arrived in 35 days to Portugal. Recommend you!
Billisha C.

12.9.2015 Love My Brushes
J***i Z.

9.9.2015 Excellent, thank you!
S***i I.

9.9.2015 Little expensive for this quality
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